ACF Technology

The ACF-Design

The ACF is designed using a combination of modern finite element methods and structural optimisation. By carefully balancing the design the structural response is fully controlled. This guarantees that the die and the setter stay aligned during the whole joining cycle.

To achieve good joining quality, regardless of method, it is essential that the angular error and missalignment are within allowable range during the whole joining cycle. When using the conventional C-frame technology this must be taken into careful consideration.

In a conventional C-frame the angular error and missalignment is directly proportional to total frame stiffness. To keep the angular error to be within feasible values the only possibility is to increase the stiffness, i.e. to increase the weight.

The patented ACF technology removes any of these considerations and provides maximum production flexibility.

It's also possible to eliminate the need for axis compensation by designing the ACF for zero deformation of the die during the joining cycle. There is no need for equalization system when exploit this new opportunity and hence large savings in both cost and weight can be made.

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