Development of third generation C-frame

The third generation is also an ACF (Aligned C-Frame) but completed with the property of non moving joining point. That excludes need for equalisation system which save both weight and cost. Since there are no movement of the joining point there will be no load introduced in the work piece and robot due to the riveting/clinching process.

c450x400  acf450x400
c450x400  acf450x400

The left pictures shows a conventional frame during the riveting cycle on a plate with clamped free ends. The right picture shows the same for the new generation ACF. As seen, the ACF do not induce any deformations of the plate and hence no bending stresses.


As seen from the diagram and figures above, all error measurements is better or equal for ACF compared to conventional frame although the ACF weighs about half of the Conventional frame. The acf also allow for different die heights which is not true for the conventional frame.

Powerpoint presentation3

Test Results

Vertical deflection for die and setter

graf2  graf1